Winter autumn trends, cork leather handbags

 Fast Fashion phenomena  came about due to our desire to have the latest fashions quicker and at a lower price. As a result, an increase in textile waste and pollution has forced the Fashion industry to rethink how it produce and disposes its products.

Businesses now more than ever are under pressure to improve their sustainable practices- (some Supply chains incentivised their customers for donating unwanted clothes for recycling).

Kraft design wallet
Straw bags with wooden handles

Sustainable fashion still represents just a tiny minority in the entire fashion industry. Yet research shows that consumers want to support sustainable fashion. The Fashion industry must now move towards biodegradable and natural fibres – responsibly produced and sourced. Natural plant-based, Recycled and Upcycled materials which are biodegradable and decomposes naturally, is the way forward. 

It’s also important that in future, Fashion produced from recycled and Upcycled fibres is not seen as inferior by consumers. Awareness and Education about Fast Fashion can never be taken lightly…

Cork leather shoulder handbags

Style is what you make and possible to achieve with Recycled , Upcycled items… visit for more winter autumn trends style inspiration


consciously made vegan fashion

Cork leather shoulder handbags are surprisingly as durable as real leather handbags. The difference is that cork is a 100% natural and biodegradable material

cork leather shoulder handbags

The rise in demand for sustainable organic recycled fashion has boosted economic growth and new markets .

Recycled Upcycled materials have energised designers to produce The new and different by combining recycled and organic materials.

cork leather and recycled upcycled wool felt

vegan leather bag was born from communities that have been recycling and upcycling for years, by using old packaging, clothing and furniture to produce new goods – though more out of a need than the environment.

We pride ourselves in combining the old and new to produce sustainable fashion

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